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Calligraphy goes well with place cards/escorts cards, envelope addressing, wedding vows, and invitations. Its a simple touch that adds elegance and goes a long way impressing your guests!


Q: Do you as the service provider provide the surface (e.g. paper, acrylic sheets, tiles, etc.)?

A: Clients must provide the surface. However, they can be sourced for additional fee. 

Q: Do I as a client provide you the materials to write with too?

A: No, materials (e.g markers, ink, chalks) are provided by me. 

Q: Do you do different formats other than the traditional formatting?

A: Yes, I do different types of format. You may inquire for different types, or if you have any inspirations or specific style of formatting, please state in your e-mail when inquiring. 

Q: Do you have different style of lettering I can choose from?

A: Yes, I have various ways of lettering different script to fit the style you desire. I specialize in traditional and modern style of calligraphy. If you have a specific style of lettering you want, please state in your e-mail when inquiring. 

Q: When do I place the order for me to receive it on time?

A: 1 week in advance. Less than 4 days is considered rush order and will be charged for additional fee.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash or electronic transfer via Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, CashApp are acceptable forms of payments.

Q: Is there a deposit fee?

A: Yes, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total fee is due prior to starting the project.

The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project.

Q: How do I get my completed order?

A: Clients are expected to pick up the completed order/s. For your convenience, delivery within 20-mile radius is available for additional fee. A base fee of $10 plus $.50/mile.

Q: What if I do not see what I am looking for in your recent work?

A: I am willing to take on new challenges and new ideas! Let's talk about it and make it happen!

Lets get you started!

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